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One of life's great enjoyments is in experiencing the seasons, their moods, their weather. When these converge at a time and a place, rare moments of magic occur.

To witness, photograph, and share these moments through my art of photography, is a pleasure I enjoy.

Stephen Byard has been photographing the landscape since the late 1960's. He has always enjoyed the countryside, never living far from it. Leaving his native Gloucestershire and its West Country ways (such as cheese rollling), to reside in various English byways, and now over twenty years in North Yorkshire. A quiet county that stands apart from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Stephen has won the UK’s largest maritime photography competition, 'Wish You Were Here', sponsored by "Old Pulteney", the "Sunday Express" and "Amateur Photographer" magazine. He has also been awarded numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals at internional photography salons. He performs and demonstrates at camera clubs, as well as judging at local, area, and international competitions. Stephen holds the following distinctions:-

  • EPSA

He has been involved with Joe Cornish, working at a technical level, as well as putting on a joint show in 2011.

Companies around the world, both large and small, use his images. His pictures have also appeared in magazines.

Stephen has been running workshops for the last few years in both "photographing the landscape" and in "Photoshop" courses.

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